Channing Tatum as Yeti Migo in Smallfoot

Migo in Smallfoot

Migo in Smallfoot is a Yeti that’s convinced that the elusive creatures known as “humans” really do exist. First of all we need to keep in mind that Yeti’s are seen a mystical creatures.  Do they really exist, well after seeing this movie we would love them. Migo is a big Yeti that loves to explores his snowy land. Being the explorer he encounters all objects and adventures, due to his quests for new things. On top of the highest mountain a most noteworthy creature meets him. Migo sees a human!

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The world is a mysterious place because of the many undiscovered places and creatures. Treasures are there to discover for those who love to discover while being on the edge of the world. A human mountain climber finds his way to the top of Migo’s mountain while Migo is enjoying his view. The climber is the first reach the top of the mountain and therefore plans a flag. Not seeing streak due to fatigue or ignorance, the human spikes Migo with the flag.

Migo seems to be relaxt because the human seems to be way more frightened.  The eyes, hideous face and feet that were amazingly, freakishly SMALL. The story Migo’s is telling little children feels like a horror story rather than a entertaining story. The listeners are full of awe and cannot believe what Migo is telling them because it seem like a big lie. The human is portrait all the features frightning to the Yeti’s because they never heard of it.

“The only hair it has on his entire body, is on top of his head”. The story becomes dark but most of all for the little kids that are listening. Make sure you will see this movie next year!

Source: MissTunic | IMDB

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