Leather Jacket Rachel McAdams in Game Night

Rachel McAdams in Game Night

It’s Saturday night with a group of friends who love to play games. Rachel McAdams in Game Night seems the perfect game host. But Brooks wants to make sure this Saturday night will be a legendary one. He want to take game night up a notch. First of all, Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman think this will be a minor game change, but probably Brooks totally wants to change things around. Someone in the room is going to be taken and it’s up to the others to find out the murder mystery. Whoever finds the victim will win the grand prize.  You are not going to know what is real and what is fake.

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Giving is explanation on the game rules a bunch of outlaws storm the house. The are actually fighting with Brooks to take him hostage. The rest of the group can’t believe what is happening to Brooks. While screaming for help the others are enjoying a cheese tray and being entertained by the hostage situation. In the next scenes the group is on a mission to find Brooks. As he said, the line between what is real and what is fake is blurred. Going to the police didn’t have any positive outcome plus the group is not prepared for this kind of game night.

The night unfolds into a humoristic chaos kidnappers being shot, dogs covered with blood, some actual research and even a karaoke game coming to live. Even with all these ingredients the group is not impressed with the outlaws in this movie. At gun point Rachel McAdams even sees a compliment in positive way. The outlaw  is being sucked into a airplane engine and she find that amusing whiles realizing the outlaw just died in front of her eyes.

Source: IMDB | MissTunic

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